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An exhibition of children's drawings goes on a trip from Russia to Japan, stopping in countries- participants of the project.

We live on different continents,in different time zones and climate conditions. Every country has its own culture and traditions. But children all over the world are worried about the same problems, and become happy about the same things. This project will help us to compose a huge picture of the world through children's eyes. Before the end of October 2002 we collected drawings from all who has desire to take part in this project. It was 8 countries: Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Poland, Kosovo, Australia, Iran and Australia. 18-29 November, in Russia, the 1st exhibition was organized. You can have a look at it here. Then the exhibition will go on a trip around the world,stopping in the various countries of the participants. In June the exhibition will arrive in Japan.There,at the 10th iEARN conference,a final exhibition will be held.

Ages: All


September-October - we collect drawings

November exhibition in Russia

December-May - trip of the exhibition by the countries- participants

July exhibition in Japan

Languages: English

Forum: Global Art (apc.iearn.globlart)

School Epigraph's principal, teachers, students and guests of the 1st exibition in Russia.

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